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Going to start partial translations to
a) help practice/study japanese.
b) a log of interesting happenings on the shows?!

disclaimer: these are definitely not perfect translations. please take with discretion.

vsa 10.21.10 Freeter, Ie wo Kau team

sho: we have a problem!! one us isn't here! What happened?
aiba: really!
sho: man, did he oversleep?
aiba: even though we just started?
ohno: he contacted me, seems like he went to do a part-time job.
sho: eh? we can do part-time jobs, in arashi?
jun: could it be, for buying a bus?
ohno: that's right

sho: so of course, that means nino is not on the arashi team today..
nino: that's right. Unfortunately, as part of the freeter team, I'd like to beat arashi up!

falling pipe
nino/asano vs. aiba
nino:I think this is a pretty important match, we've been together for 14 years.
aiba: yeah, we're Sobu line friends, right?
nino: yeah, Sobu line friend.
nino: so then, what numbers do you like, I don't think I've really asked.
aiba: by the way, I was born on December 24th, so 1, 2, 2,...I like most of them!
nino: what's up with that result
announcer: well, then, asano-san..
asano: yes?
announcer: what impression do you have of aiba-san?
asano: this is my first time meeting him.
nino: your first time? then looking at him, what's your impression?
asano: I can't see over there.
nino: um, our mom's impression of aiba-kun, is you can't be seen.
un-girls: it's okay, we can see you!
sho: just barely, just barely!
aiba: oy!

announcer: well then, asano-san, ninomiya-kun please pick two pipes to drop.
asano: how's this?
nino: isn't it fine?
asano: no way!
nino: liar
asano: should we change it?
nino: okay, then...
sho: um, are you guys on a date? you seem to be having a lot of fun.
asano: I think this is ok!

announcer: the pipe choices have been made, and changes cannot be aiba-kun, based on your feeling, which ones do you think will come?
aiba: I'm gripping 1 and 2..
sho: which means?
aiba: which mean I'm pressuring them to not choose 1 and 2, it'll be hard to push right? But if it's the reverse....ah, I'm lost!
ungirls: it's okay!
sho: that's a good place.
aiba: I think 3 will come.
sho: that person said 1,2,2,4 right?
nino: the numbers you like aren't your birthday?
aiba: that's suspicious! saying it like that. 3 is suspicious! I'm sure! I've decided on 3.
sho: aiba-kun, we're losing right now. If you could somehow get a doub-
aiba: I'm having a lot of fun right now!
nino: aiba-san, when we used to go home together, in the spaces between the seats on the train-
asano: hey, is there a time limit?
nino: yeah there is one, it's right over there. um, the cracks in between the train seats-
asano: ah! We have to do it within this time frame?
nino: I'm talking right now! In the spaces between the trains, you threw things like garbage, etc.

(catch result: 50)

un-girls: In the end, what did you want to say?
sho: in the train seats..
nino: in the past, when we went home on the train, this guy decided to leave his garbage on the seat.
audience: eh?
aiba: no, no, that's. Sorry, sorry, I'm really sorry.
nino: that's no good right? So this uncle came up to us, and smacked aiba-san on the head.
sho: well, then a word to the uncle from that time.
aiba: uncle from the Sobu line, if you hadn't gotten mad at me at that time, I wouldn't be here today. thanks to you, I've become arashi.
nino: well done!

ohno v. maru

jun: hey, hey. sorry to but in, but maru, you've been lectured by leader right?
maru: eeh!
jun: we've been together for 11 years, but he's never gotten mad at us.
ungirls: by that leader..
jun: by that leader, maru was lectured

ungirls: what did he lecture you on?
maru: well, that's, um. well, once I landed this time's role, when I said "it was this kind of role, what should I do?" and then he got mad at me, saying "if you're worried about the role, you shouldn't be drinking here.
ohno: don't say too much weird things, you!

maru: leader, you're not mad?
ohno: I'm not mad.
maru: then, how about going for a drink again?
ohno: that's, I'll think about it.

announcer: well, now the pipe choice has been decided, no more changes can be made. Well, maruyama-kun, what is your prediction?
maru: 2 and 3
sho: you've decided on that? what if 1 and 4 comes?
nino: maru, I think 2,3 is fine as well. (his) mouth is gaping more than usual, so it's okay. It's probably 2,3, but watch out for 1 and 4!

pipe catch
freeter team

runner: nino, controllers: karina, takenata, igawa
announcer: well, ninomiya-kun, this is another chance for the freeter team to show their teamwork. How's your confidence?
nino: well, I think the two sides are very reliable, I think if I hear those voices it'll be okay.
takenata: (high-pitched) what about dad, what do you think of dad?
nino: dad, can you be level-headed?
takenata: (high-pitched): dad can be level-headed. it's okay, it's okay. please leave it to me.
nino: could you stop with that voice?
takenata: understood.
nino: okay. Have you guys decided amongst the three of you yet?
takenata: yeah, we've decided. it's perfect, there's no need to worry.
nino: no, tell me, so then tell me.
takenata: karina-chan and haruka-chan will say the numbers, normally.
nino: say the numbers, hm?
takenata: I'll say the numbers only when the pink comes. But I won't say 'pink' or anything, that'd make it complicated. So just the numbers should be enough.


jun: I'm going to fall, I'm going to fall. It's just that, having lost by so much, the issue is whether its enough to be just me?
announcer: well, an important phrase has been thrown out by matsumoto.
aiba: I got it! well then, should we all fall?
nino: magnificient! arashi is wonderful.
aiba: no, it's not magnificent. you, my Sobu-line friend, will also stand there.
nino: eh?
ohno: well, rather 4 people falling, 5 people falling is better, simply.
sho: as expected.
nino: I don't really get how this is simple...
announcer: well, moving on. the most dame arashi is this person!

(mda: all 5)


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