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matsushima: that side is younger, how fresh!
sho: no way!
nakajima: well, in terms of relations, you guys are the seniors, right?
jun: It's just that we debuted faster, we're pretty much the same generation.
nakajima: so this is just the separation between kansai and tokyo?
jun: right, right, since we were separate...
hina; no, no no, you guys are totally the seniors. seniors!
sho: well then, when you entered the company as a jr, murakami, who else entered around the same time?
hina: well, nino and aiba-chan..
yoko: when we stayed in the dorms (?), we were pretty much living together.
aiba: we went shopping quite a bit.
hina: right, right!
yoko: when I went shopping with aiba, we got involved with (karamu) yankees time and time again. The speed of aiba's feet at that time weren't normal (jinjou)!

k8's impression of arashi
yoko: when I was acting together with sho-kun in a drama, I saw his personal clothing. What I really remember is that he wore these sweatpants which looked like jeans.

yoko: during the countdown, matsujun he gave off the air of a genius (isai wo hanatte).
hina: a kind of foreign feeling.
jun: in japan?
hina: when we were waiting, it seemed like he would say "hello"

nakajima: all of you don't have the intention of losing, right?
sho: we won't lose, right?
aiba: yeah.
sho: we've become pretty used to mannequin five team competition, after all.
hina: then, if you guys loose it'll be embarrassing right? Conversely, since you all have done it so much, and it's the first time for us.
arashi: well, yeah, that's true.
jun: well, we won't lose.
yoko: well, if we win, we look forward to "himitsu no kanjani-chan"
sho: to change it to kanjani-chan.., it's not just mannequin five afterall, so to decide it after this battle is kind of tough.
hina: we've released an album called 8uppers.
jun: yeah..
yoko: if arashi could make it seem like something you guys really love...
hina: if you guys could say something like "arashi's recommendation!"
jun: you guys are requesting (??) all kinds of things!
yoko: and also "himitsu no kanjani-chan," or at the least, "vs kanjani8"

comments made

point: knit jacket, can go anywhere -- yokohama date
k8: it's different than what we thought!
okura: when I watched it on tv, there were quite a few parts where i laughed at sho. this time is kinda risky.
-maybe it'd be better if the collarbones were showing more prominently
-what's up with his hair; looks kind of like wavy ramen.

sho: nino who has acted with you said, "I have the impression that okura-kun is always wearing flannel shirts" ohkura: I have about 15 flannel shirts.
- (about the pink flap connector) it's to make it seem fashionable, right?
-I don't really like the vest, it layers up.
-but men who pile up layers, it shows their lack of confidence
- one more button open is better
-(without the vest) he looks like a shepherd from the countryside in australia

k8: your style of attacking is different today!
-it's cool isn't it, this jacket?
-it's too open (the neck), a less wide collar would be more suitable.
-why did you pick this colour? - he is not satisfied with his desires (???)

jun: we had a strategy; we figured that nishikido would be next. And if it was nishikido, wouldn't it be leather? So, if we had a lighter shade of leather, wouldn't we win?
-(about the yellow) it reminds me of a shield bug/stink bug
-manly, but I prefer this (nino's) face

point: very simple, the shoes are white - no date!
k8: it's simple..
nino: this side is "no-personality"
-why are the sleeves folded up? - like a middle schooler
-it'd be better to take off one layer
-something you would wear to a middle school trip
-he's gotten to a good age captions: 30 this year
- matches with the mannequin

ohno: compared to this, I look like his manager
-image of a tropical fish
-can't walk together
-limited to osaka
-stands out too much
-the red checks and the yellow pattern are a pretty good combination
-(collar) ah, but this is weird. it's like the airplane pillows
-it might still be okay if a 3-year old was wearing it

point: american casual - date: drinking coffee on a terrace in aoyama
maru: seems like he'd drink something like corn soup
-image of a teacher
-the jacket gives off a teacher-vibe
-knows what he wants to do
-a little stiff

point: likes old/secondhand clothing - date: shopping in harajuku
jacket is 80,000 yen!

-looks like a slightly dirty mouse
-(with the sailor hat) looks like a fooling around sailor

sho: nice aibatake! (the 7/8th length)
-the shoes are cute
-shoes match with the jacket
-seems like it is hot

jun: maru, you usually don't wear these kind of clothes, right.
-hate the shoes...
-(about the socks) the worst!!
-hate jacket on parker, but if it's just the jacket...

point: I don't know if it's too early, but this down vest - date: USJ
-like a salaryname from Naniwa (??) (old name for Osaka)
-seems like he has a child
-looks like a grandmother

point: sandals, "even though it's cold, this guy is trying this hard" - date: a ramen stand or something
-will get laughed at
-too soon for tokyo


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