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hna 11.11.2010

VIP room: toda erika

jun: a perfect person
sho: a person who is good at following through
aiba: a happy person
ohno: the arashi member I'm most curious about
nino: isn't it about time we stop calling each other by our drama roles' name?

nakajima: today's guest is toda erika!
sho: just now, when nino's impression, "isn't it time to stop calling each other by our drama role names?" was announced, the audience began to get fidgety..
sho: so ohno-san, the member you're most curious about.
toda: as in, he's a mystery. I can't predict what kind of person he is; I can't imagine his character.
sho: what is with that pose??
nino: today's t-shirt is also..the expression is totally unclear.
sho: can you do that pose one more time?

about nino's impression
sho: even now, you call each other by your roles?
toda: that's right
nino: yep.
toda: although if I don't call him by 'onii,' I feel bad, it's already been about two I thought it would be better to stop
nino: by this time, what should we call each other
matsushima: I think ninomiya's "nii" would be good.
toda: ahh...
jun: that doesn't change anything!
nakajima (?): do you (nino) have a request?
nino: well, it'd become something like 'nino'
sho: conversely, what are you usually called?
toda: well, I'm called 'erika' the most.
sho: you've never called her 'erika'?
nino: no, I've never..
nakajima: aiba-kun, what would you call her?
aiba: eri~
sho: he's really exuding a happy vibe

toda erika's informer database

from actress ryou-san
toda: even ryou-san!
nakajima: is your relationship pretty private?
toda: yeah, that's right, we go to exhibitions or out to drink together. we're close.
nakajima: by the way, did you know of this?
toda: no, I had no idea.

when we went out to eat, she said, "I'll be leaving first." When I tried to stop her, she complained with her eyes, "it's enough already".

jun: by the way, this is?
sho: how is it?
nino: that is, is it true?
sho: somebody's squealed!
aiba: so?
toda: it, it's true, but..
sho: she's admitted it!
toda: at that time, the two of us went out to eat quite late, and I had an early job the next day, which ryou knew. So when she said, "erika, why don't you go home first," I said "i'll leave after I finish this drink." But then she replied "eh, you're leaving already?"
jun: she told you to leave first, right?
toda: yeah.
aiba: even though she said that,
toda: she said it, but when she said "toda, you're leaving already?", then I replied, "well then, just one more glass." After I finished it, I said "well, it's about time.." and she replied, "eh, TODA!" So I drank one more glass saying, "ryou-san, after this, I really have to go" and then left.
sho: so in the end, you couldn't go home.
toda: she's a big...older sister
aiba: when the two of you go out together, and you leave first, then ryou-san would be left by herself, right?
toda: yeah.
aiba: then you didn't say anything like, "let's leave together"?
toda: then "no, I want to drink one more glass."
nakajima: ryou-san likes to drink?
toda: ryou-san is always drinking from the afternoon.
jun: it's not always.
sho: that's not possible, right?
nino: if you don't say something like, "on her off days"..
toda: "on her off days"... ryou-san, I'm sorry!

actor kase ryo

when we talked about movies, she said "i want to do a muddled love story" one day. surely, along with nino, she is a pervert.

nino: as expected, there is something wrong with this person's head.
sho: there's no way.
nino: that this person's recognition of me has changed to a pervert.
toda: kase-san, mostly about
jun: it's out! she's said it!
nino: it's true that when we were together we talked about that.
toda: yeah, when we were talking about that, he always talked about nino. so when he asked, "well, what kind of role would you like to play?" I answered a "muddled love story" And then he said, "ah, nino and I, we can't do that kind of role, we talked about it when we were in that cave for iwojima." I thought he was really gloomy.
nakajima: you've received a testimony that you're a pervert, in what way are you a pervert?
nino: this is a problem; the fact that there is evidence is a problem. But, I do think we are similar, me and kase-kun. So, kase-kun is a pervert as well!

yamane manger
nino: that a manager's photo would come up is new!
toda: it's amazing, isn't it?

when she was 17, she did too much weight lifting, and fractured her bone. even though she didn't have to train her muscles so stupidly.

toda: I like weight training. When I was 17, I would run for an hour, weight train for an hour.
matsushima: where did you fracture your bone?
toda: my left foot, the top of my foot here.
jun: how?
toda: um, when I went to hawaii, there was a gym in the hotel. So I went and ran ran, and then my foot kinda jerked.(?) When I went back to Japan, it hurt so I went to get it checked out, and they said I had fractured it. If I go once then I can't stop.
matsushima: but when you are weight training, what are you thinking?
toda: I do it while watching tv, or the like.

Mannequin 5: oguri shun, kasahara hideyuki

theme: the strongest date

oguri: with this, I've appeared on all of arashi's shows.
nakajima: do you go out in private with any of the members?
oguri: yes, with matsumoto-san
jun: we went just recently.
nakajima: what kind of clothes does oguri-san wear?
jun: all kinds. a hard-feeling, leather, sometimes he wears sweats too.
oguri: matsumoto-san, for the most part, wears something like michael jackson.

nino: but the two of you have acted together, right? (jun & kasahara)
jun: from the beginning, hide-kun and shun have been on good terms. And when I would go over to shun's house, he would be there. but I didn't know he was an actor, until we met for the drama.
nakajima: oguri-san, what is your relation with kasahara.
oguri: we're from the same company. Even in the currently airing drama, Juui Dolittle, he got the part through bartering.
kasahara: that's wrong! I was chosen.

nino: by the way, kasahara-kun, what's your role?
kasahara: a veterinarian.
oguri: aren't you acting as an animal!?
kasahara: that's wrong. I'm not acting as an animal.
jun: nari would've been better.
oguri: until the end, I had wanted to come on this show with narimiya, but through bartering..
nakajima: well, today's theme is about the strongest date.
oguri: I'm serious!
kasahara: I won't lose.
jun: you won't lose?
kasahara: yesh (mai)
jun: mai!? not hai?

kasahara's clothes:

oguri: wait a minute! sorry. you! isn't this vest mine?
sho: for real?
nino: this person's the worst!
oguri: this vest! I thought it was at my house but..
kasahara: yeah. it's here.
oguri: I was seriously shocked by this vest! Ahh, you're really something.
jun: so shun, you lent him the vest?
oguri: well, this goes way back, to when I was about 19.. There was somebody who would frequently take things from my place.
jun: that's, arbitrarily?
oguri: yeah.
kasahara: yup.
oguri: at the beginning, it would be like, "lend me this.." But eventually he stopped asking. There was a time where it'd be like, "eh! that's the same as mine.." "I guess it's clashing." And then eventually, I'd notice that it's missing.
nino: so you'd realize it.
oguri: yeah, I'd realize it's gone.
nino: then, that's no different than what pirates do!


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