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ans 11.13.10 miyane

nino: Welcome, Arashi, thank you very much for coming
arashi: thanks for having us.
nino: Are you busy these days?
sho: well, we're in the middle of our tour. the 5 of us are together often.
nino: That's right, and your Osaka (tour) ended safely.
sho: miyane-cchi as well.
miyane: that's right, Osaka also ended, we had fun.
sho: yeah, it was fun.
nino: despite being so busy, Ohno. This is Ohno Satoshi's amazing events, Ninomi-ya has gotten it!

1. The incident where Leader's tongue might be an idiot (?).
nino: what have you eaten, ohno-san?
jun: isn't it curry?
nino: what?
ohno: ahh, curry.
nino: "leader who is totally addicted to curry rice..." do you get where this comment is coming from?
ohno: I know the taste..
nino: really? well then, look at this:

Shocking even the Indian employee with his love of super spicy, that extraordinary spicyness, the staff suspected that as expected, his tongue was an idiot (?)

nino: this is not coming from staff of Johnny's Ent, but from Indians. Ohno-san, you might be surprised. There are still more incidents.

2. Isn't Leader actually in love?

nino: you might be surprised, but this is reality!
jun: isn't this a big scoop!
nino: well, 30years old, as you're 30, you can't stop it. have the frequency of calls, or the frequency of mails increased? those kinds of things.
jun: even before there have been instances of him fiddling with his phone in the resting area, but I don't have the impression that it suddenly increased.
sho: when he has his phone, he tends to be looking up information on the tidal current.
nino: well then, let's look at this:

Leader who has been crudely cutting his hair at home since before...suddenly went to a charismatic hairstylist... Is he in love!?

jun: is this true?
ohno: yeah, this is true.
nino: why did you suddenly go to a charismatic hairstylist?
ohno: well, I was having my make-up done, and I was talking with the make-up artist, and by chance that topic came up - that I cut my hair myself. "eh, is that so??" -
nino: Well, Ohno Satoshi also had this incident!

3. Doesn't leader actually dislike Nino?

audience: eeeh~
sho: ninomiya-san, isn't this bad?
nino: for ninomi-ya, this is a big problem!
miyane: i mean, everyone said arashi is like a family!
nino: that's right, even though everyone comments, "arashi gets along together well"
jun: I think I've heard this rumour in passing before.
sho: is that so?
nino: now everyone, let's have a look at this:

In these 10 years, when ninomiya asks ohno out to eat, ohno becomes tense and continues to refuse to go!

nino: miyane-cchi, what do you think of this?? does this kind of thing happen?
miyane: in 10 years, there's no way!
nino: what do you think, have you guys actually seen me being refused?
aiba: ninomiya?
nino: yeah.
sho: I have!
aiba: yeah, for sure.
sho: like, if he says, "let's go out to eat today", "no, I have plans today..."
jun: like, "conversely, isn't it better to not go", what exactly is that conversely?
nino: yeah, what is the reason for this...

However, just the other day, ohno went out to eat with aiba!

nino: these two. they shrewdly went out to eat!
miyane: then the question is, why doesn't ohno go out to eat with ninomiya? Even though he just went out the other day, why not!
nino: even though he went out the other day, we haven't gone yet!
ohno: well, to go out at this point, and then be like, 'we went'... and then what??
nino: no, that's not it!
jun: it should be something like, "isn't that good"
nino: it's this!


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